Specialty Fine Chemicals Development & Sourcing.
From China to the World.

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Our Background & History

SINOJIE LIMITED was originally formed in 2005 with the aim of providing a first class fine chemical sourcing, development and supply organization in the People's Republic of China targeted at Western world markets and particularly Europe.

Western fine chemical users have been sourcing out of China for over 30 years, but the supply chain has been difficult to manage. The issues have predominantly been related to reliability, quality, traceability, health and safety, environmental and logistics.

SINOJIE LIMITED , with its wealth of knowledge and experience of the Chinese chemical industry ,has managed to eliminate these issues leading to the satisfaction of both customer and supplier.


Being based in China, SINOJIE LIMITED is able to offer products and services to the World's chemical industry at highly competitive prices, without compromising on quality, safety and service.

This has, in turn, resulted in SINOJIE LIMITED becoming the Chinese partner of choice to a number of important international customers.

Our Executive Team

Abbin Huang.

Chemistry major with 20+ years commercial and negotiation experience within the fine organic chemicals industry in China. Skilled and knowledgeable with a wide range of contacts in the China chemicals industry. Fluent in Chinese and English.

Doctor Wang.

Technical Consultant

Kate Zhang.

Finance Manager

Sissi Zhou.

Director Assistant

Yandong Huang.

Commercial Assistant