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Our Board of Directors

The Hon. Robert Hanson

Board Chairman

Son of the late Lord Hanson, Robert is the Chairman of Hanson Family Holdings, an umbrella vehicle under which various diversified interests are held including the original family business, Hanson Transport Group.

His formative years were spent with NM Rothschild & Sons in London, Hong Kong, Chile and Spain before joining Hanson Plc in the 1990’s where he was responsible for strategy, mergers, acquisitions and disposals.

Robert then founded Hanson Capital Limited and Hanson Asset Management Limited to capitalise on his family office expertise and worldwide network of high net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs and financiers.

He served as a Director for Ivanhoe Mines Limited (now Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd.), South Gobi Resources Limited and Kaizen Discovery Limited and until recently was Chairman of Strand Hanson Limited, the London based NOMAD and corporate advisory firm. He is Chairman of Sinojie Hanson Limited, Sport & Artist Management Limited and Harris Hanson

Mark C. Greaves

Board Director

Mark Greaves, a Cambridge economics graduate, spent the first 25 years of his career with the Rothschild group in London, Hong Kong and Singapore, becoming a main UK board director in 1995. In 2002, Mark left Rothschilds to found Anglo FarEast Group, a Singapore-based strategic consultancy specializing in assignments involving Asia and Europe. Among his clients was Hanson Capital, Lord Hanson’s M&A advisory and direct investment vehicle.

In 2004, Mark became Chief Executive of Hanson Capital and in 2009 was appointed Deputy Chairman of Hanson Family Holdings, the holding company for all the family’s business and financial interests. He stepped aside from this UK board in 2012 and now serves as Deputy Chairman of the family’s Asian private equity arm, Hanson China Partners, which owns a majority interest in Sinojie Hanson.

Mark has considerable experience of serving on listed company boards in London, Hong Kong and Singapore in a wide range of roles and committee positions. In addition, he acts as Deputy Chairman of Cenkos Securities Asia, the Singapore-based Asian subsidiary of the UK’s Cenkos Securities group.

Mark, who is a UK citizen, lives in Singapore where he has Permanent Resident status. He is a member of both the Singapore Institute of Directors and the Institute of Directors in London.

Abbin Huang

Board Director

Abbin Huang achieved chemistry bachelor in 1997 from one of the top 5 chemistry universities in China. Armed with chemical knowledge, Abbin has been engaged in the chemical business for 19 years after graduation which are mainly for pharmaceutical, agrochemical, dyestuff and specialty chemical industries.

Abbin moved to Shanghai at late 2002 and set up Sinojie (HK) Limited at mid 2005 which was renamed as Sinojie Hanson Limited in 2010.

As executive director, Abbin’s key role is to manage Sinojie Hanson on a daily basis, his vast knowledge of the industry along with his commercial and negotiation experience helps deliver an excellent service to the end user. Abbin is fluent in both Chinese and English and so understands and delivers the customer’s needs. Abbin travels to the UK and Europe on a regular basis to keep face to face customer contact.

Paul Pheasey

Board Director

Paul Pheasey obtained a finance business diploma through college and went straight into industry as a finance manager in an import furniture business. Paul spent 19 years with this Company and eventually took the business through a management buyout and expansion into other growth areas.

Paul qualified as a Chartered Management Account in 1999 and became a part of the chartered fellowship in 2006.

Paul joined Hanson Logistics Ltd in 2008 as Finance Director and later took over as Managing Director in 2010. Paul’s day to day activities include managing the UK long standing business (formed in 1848) which focuses on the chemical warehousing and distribution services. Paul acts as the Group Finance Director for Hanson businesses throughout the world.